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DisneyPrincessArt is a group dedicated to celebrating the strong, royal women of Disney. We were founded on November 28th, 2011 by Kaoru-Hitachiinn. We focus on collecting art and gaining more members who take joy in doing art of the Disney Princess'.

We only have a few rules here, and we expect all of our members to follow them.

1. Keep art and comments of any sort on a PG 13 level. When in doubt about the maturity level, don't submit. We try to keep our group clean for all age groups.

2. Do not be rude when it comes to the art work any of our members submit. Just because it isn't good by your standards doesn't mean they didn't pour their hearts into their art pieces.

3. Debating is fine and totally allowed. Just don't turn it into a fight.

4. Be respectful.

Members are allowed to submit art themselves to any of our folders aside from featured. Featured is reserved for breath taking art that our staff instantly falls in love with. Please check that you're submitting your art to the correct Princess folder. There is a scroll bar at the top of the submission page, and if you click it, a list of every Princess pops down. (:

Every month there will be a contest on a different Princess which any of our members can participate in. If you do submit an art piece for a contest, make sure you keep an eye on the journal updates. Our winners receive prices in points and their art featured on the group's page.

If you need help or have a question about anything at all, contact one of our staff members via note. We will do our best to solve your issue and help you out. It can be anything with a question about a contest or an issue with another member. Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. (:

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So there was this diagnosis for me on April 22nd, and I have Huntington's Disease. It's an awful disease that attacks your body and takes everything from you including eventually your life. I will not give up and I will not lose hope. I felt for my going away contest since I cannot stress myself out anymore than needed. So I put out the contest. What is fitting is this is Huntington's Disease Awareness month. MY hope was to start it yesterday but it will go from Today. May 2, and run until June 2nd.

The contest is that you will draw and obviously color, the Disney Princesses and yes this can include Elsa and Anna, Elsa is my fav right along with Rapunzel. Anyways they are included. I think as a club we do that anyways. But the princesses must be wearing a dress with both Purple and Blue found in the HD ribbons at the link below. Huntington's is represented by Blue and Juvenile Huntington's is purple. So to pay homage and respect to both we need them both featured here.

A basic thing to know is that if you go to google and type in Huntington's Disease you will learn much, with your princess please chose one fact to post. In this contest it is not just one entry per person since this is for awareness draw as many as you want. HOWEVER you can only win ONE prize. So anyways I don't want to go into what Huntington's does on here, because I wan't you all to understand it better thru this contest. So the thing is go to google and read up its called Huntington's Disease but some people also refer to it as Huntington's Chorea Disease because of the movements that are associated with it.

Children suffer so badly so if you want to pose the girl's as either little kids themselves, or even with patients who are represented to have HD, or JHD including myself you may do so. Just keep in mind it's not pretty to draw the characters who will pose with the girls because they will look very sick and weak at the later stages.

If you want to understand more on movements and over all look of most patients look them up on YouTube. Your heart will break, and this is a disease we need to raise awareness for. Because so few compared to cancer have it, not enough attention is given, which means not a lot of money is given towards finding a cure! This is Huntington's Awareness month, so this is the perfect time to do this. Each and every entry will be shared with a group my sister and i started. One to educate and one with members who all have HD or JHD or are related to someone who does. We support each other and they will love this contest.

IF you are not sure specific people to use to post up note me... I will send you some images of people. One girl lost her life in October...she was no older than many of the Disney Girls herself.....though she had suffered much, she never stopped smiling. Its just something to think about. We fight for our every day things that people take for granted.

There are prizes such as full body images etc. But I will post those up later in case more offers come in.

IF you want to donate great!

I want to thank you all!

Michelle Bowen
My name is Michelle Bowen, you know me as phoenixdreamangelmsb..... I usually am in charge of posting and contests. Etc...

On April 22nd...a test I had taken a month ago came back and told me something I was not expecting. My mother has Huntington's sister Erica was were her girls...but I was not.
What this means for me is many horrible things, Huntington's is like having Alzheimer and Parkinson's and some others mixed in. Thats the only explanation i can give. Huntington's takes away mentally first, which is why I've been so sick the past few months...I'm more tired than ever before. Just bone tired....I had to give up working and will be applying for disability soon.

I am telling you this, because sadly it means I will have to give up the reigns on this club...I need less stress...and as much as I love being a part of it. I can't run it anymore. I am sorry to spread sad news into your day. I just ask for prayers and thoughts. I was hoping we could maybe even come up with a contest, where the princesses are dressed in blue and purple dresses. Not just blue and not just purple but a merge. You see with Huntington's there is a Juvenile form... they use purple in their ribbon and we use a bright blue. So I was hoping we could have a  contest where the girl's on the princess line up will be bedecked in a dress like that. Beside fact about Huntington's Disease be it the juvenile form or the grown up version.

Do you guys think you could help me with this? Its a chance to raise awareness.....through our club of a rare disease that does not get enough attention. Cancer seems to get everyone's attention. I get that cancer is less rare....but that does not mean Huntington's Disease does not affect people who deserve the cure just as much as those with cancer. So please help me go out of the club in a fitting way.

IF you don't know much about HD contact me or even look on Google, Huntington's Disease its often also referred to as Huntington's Chorea Disease......but it is really just Huntington's. To explain a little further there is a repeat in this gene we all have called CAG. Those with JHD have a higher count in the 80's....get sick younger and are in much more pain. Those like me whose CAG is like 46 don't get the physical until 40's somewhere. But they start emotionally having issues at 30....its hard to explain The higher the CAG count...the sooner they get it.

IF you want to you could even draw one of the Princesses posed with an HD patient, including myself if you want. I give you permission. But they do not have to be posed with anyone else.

Again as I said in a few days I will put out a journal full of informatin on the contest. There will be no prizes...because the real true prize is getting the word out. Folks.....the worst news of my life came to me on April 22, 2015...I will die sooner..and in so much more pain........I can't say more I will just depress myself.......
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